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    Wonderful to Come back to School




    Dear teachers, students, good morning!


    As the Tianjin National Games are now in full swing, here comes 2017-2018 School Year! First and foremost, on behalf of the teachers and students at Middle School Campus, I would like to give a warm welcome to the 300 newcomers. 




    Time flies, and I have been working at Maple Leaf for 12 years. Since I transferred from high school to middle school two years ago, I’ve been thinking about one question. What kind of person I expect my students to be? What sort of imprints TEDA Middle School will leave for your youth? Today, taking this opportunity, I’m willing to share my thinking with you. Perhaps it is not perfect and with my personal emotions. However, they are the words from my heart, which are worthy of your reflection.


    Firstly, set goals. As the saying goes, those who do not plan for the future will find trouble at their doorstep. It is acceptable if you don’t have big ambitions now, but you must have goals, even though it is a small one. Make it come true, and then set another one. Dear students, under the current situations with educational system and learning opportunities, exams and grades will be a long-term standard. The competition is tougher and tougher. No matter how smart you are, you will be left behind if you don’t work hard! You must be aware of the truth that many excellent students are even more diligent than you! 




    Secondly, learn to respect. You are the little prince or princess at home. However, you must learn how to get along with others at school. Your outstanding academic performance and marvelous talent can earn you the respect of teachers, fellow students and others. When you enter society one day, what kind of life would you like to live, rich or poor? To live in a villa or a cottage? To be respected or despised? It is definitely knowledge, ability and intelligence that can win you respect and admiration. 





    Thirdly, have a correct attitude towards puppy love at school. It is still too early for middle school students to make boyfriends or girlfriends since romance is hard to control. If you feel curious about “love”, you can try to get to know what love is, to understand and even to talk about it. To love your teachers, your parents, and your classmates; to love your family, your school and your homeland. Every “love” here is LOVE. As your principal, please allow me to give you my warning. Love and romance are the most beautiful things in this world. However, anything beautiful takes danger along with it. Only if you have a strong mind and the righteous moral standard, can you bear it. When to sow and harvest has its own time. Involving yourself into puppy love during middle school is at the risk of a tragic ending, just as spring flowers bloom in winter. Romance will waste your time and youth, and brings trouble to your otherwise simple and happy life.


    Fourthly, care about your health. At school, study is the most important but not the only important thing. It is hard to keep up good work if you are in a bad shape. Imagine attending a classmate reunion sometime in the future! People compare education background with one another in their 20s, competence in their 30s, experiences in their 40s, financial capabilities in their 50s and healthy conditions in their 60s. At the end, it is health that matters. Do physical exercise from now on! Have a positive attitude in each PE class and take every opportunity to exercise. 




    Dear teachers, I also have expectations for you! A good beginning is half success. I hope every Middle School staff join our big family with passion. Let’s greet each other with smiles; help willingly; treat and be treated generously and get along friendly! Let’s study the textbooks attentively, work hard, and gather wisdom and efforts from everyone to work for one goal as one team. Only in such a harmonious and positive atmosphere, can we live a happy life and work delightfully. 



    Dear teachers and students, our goal for this year is “the Year of Quality”, improving quality in management, teaching, school activities, teacher-training, and the service we offer. Middle School will improve the management more effectively; treat the students who have discipline problems more seriously; and we also put forward more requirements for teaching. We will have weekly quizzes, monthly tests and more homework, which needs you to work much harder to achieve. We aim to provide the teachers and students with a good environment to work and study. I believe every Maple Leaf student is here to work for a better future with this great educational opportunity, to realize your self-fulfillment in future, but not for enjoying a cozy life. Meanwhile, this year is also unique, since we are welcoming the 10th Anniversary for Maple Leaf Schools in Tianjin. I hope all the teachers and students can work hard together to present our school a “birthday gift” with excellence.



    Finally, I would quote the lyrics everyone knows to end my speech. And I try to sing it out,


    “Beyond the dream, fly together,

    You and I, face sincerely;

    Let the memories remain in mind,

    And the moment stay in life.”



    Thank you!