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A Letter to the Parents and Students 给家长和学生的一封信

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Maple Leaf International School - Tianjin TEDA

 2020-2021 School Start-up Plan

As of August 24th, 2020, the border toChina has not been opened to our foreign staff who are currently abroad. Wehave over 30 foreign teachers currently outside of China in various countries;such as Canada, America, Australia, U.K, Nigeria, South Africa, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe.These teachers are desperate to return to China and teach and interact withyour children. As a school system, we are exploring every avenue to get ourteachers back as quickly as possible.
Recently we have received letters of invitation forall returning and most new teachers, which will allow them to gain access toChina sooner than other foreigners. However, the process to acquire a visa,flight, and then deal with a mandatory quarantine will take time. We anticipatesome teachers will begin to return to the classroom after one month.
Currently in Tianjin TEDA, there are 15 staffavailable to support the teaching and learning of students in the BC and WorldSchool programs. To effectively deliver the BC program during this difficulttime, the following plans have been established.
Teaching Plan:
·        Each BC/World School program teacherwill have an established classroom in the Multi-purpose building.
·        Each classroom has been outfittedwith a large touch-screen T.V, webcam, and speakers.
·        Teachers who are in China will teachlive face-to-face classes.
·        Teachers who are outside of Chinawill be teaching virtually from the classroom TV and webcam. They will haveadjusted their daily schedule to match China’s time zone, so that they areavailable during the normal teaching day.
·        Both teachers in and outside of Chinawill utilize Canvas, an exceptional teaching and learning resource to supportstudents. Canvas will be used in all classes to organize and distribute studentlearning resources.
·        Students will rotate between classes asin a normal school semester, where some classes will have teachers in theclassroom, others will have teachers available through video conferences onMicrosoft Teams.
·        BC/World School administration,Chinese Administration, Chinese Counselors, and IT support staff will beavailable on every floor of the teaching building to ensure that qualityteaching and learning is happening. These individuals will address any issuesarising from within the classroom.
·        BC/World School administration willbe going into classrooms to provide additional support to teachers outside ofChina. Priority will be given to classrooms that hold students in need ofadditional support with technology and learning.
·        BC/World School administration willalso be participating in teachers’ video conferences to ensure quality lessondelivery.

Student Expectations:
Students should understand that their virtual teachersare making big adjustments o their daily lives in order to provide effectiveteaching and learning. As such students are expected to;
·        Follow all school rules as in aregular school year
·        Attend all classes on time, withpersonal computer charged and ready for learning
·        Behave appropriately for onlineinstruction when a teacher is using video conference from outside of China.
·        Communicate with teachers via Teams /Canvas / e-mail first if they are experiencing any challenges related to thecourse or teacher.
·        Communicate with administrationsecond if challenges are unresolved by classroom teacher,
·        Mandatory masks for the first 2 weeksof class

Teacher Expectations:
·        Ensure curriculum expectations are clearlyoutlined and explained
·        Modules and lessons are available inCanvas for students to review and reference
·        Assessments and rubrics are clear andexplained to ensure student understanding and success
·        Student and parent communications arein place to provide timely feedback

Additional Support:
If there are students in need of additional supportoutside of the regular class-time the following options are available from3:40-4:30, Monday-Thursday:
·        Department scheduled tutorials.(Scheduled to be released September 7th.)
·        Student success room (N-306)
学生成功教室辅导 N-306
·        Academic Advisor (N-309)
 课程顾问办公室 N-309
·        Education Coordinator (N-312)
教育协调员办公室 N-312
·        Vice Principals: N-212 and N-313
副校长办公室 N-212和N313
For New Grade 10 Parents:
Students are required to have a computer for classeveryday. However, due to challenges with distribution, new student computerswill be available for the second week of the semester. If your child owns acomputer, please send it with them for the first week of classes. If they donot own a computer, do not worry, as teachers have formed alternative teachingarrangements to ensure your child can engage with course content. Additionally,teachers are recording the first week’s classes for later reference.

Suggestion for Parents:
Parents should ensure they have access to thePowerSchool Parent Portal. By checking the Parent Portal regularly, parentswill know how their child is performing in each class. Detailed informationabout attendance, grades, homework, etc. is available 24 hours a day throughthis platform. An information package on how to register your parent accountwill be distributed in the second week of the semester.
If you would like immediate updates about your child’scurrent performance in the first few weeks, please contact your child’scounselor.
If at any time you have concerns about the BC program,you are encouraged to contact the BC/World School administration immediately toaddress them. If you wish to visit in person, please make an appointment inadvance. Unannounced drop-ins will not be accepted due to the volume ofsupport required for the BC/World School program to operate effectively duringthis time.

John Healey – BC/World School Program Principal
约翰希利 - BC/世界课程校长
TaylorRichmond – BC/World School Vice Principal
泰勒理士满 -BC/世界课程副校长

MatthewZavala – BC/World School Vice Principal
马特扎瓦拉 -BC/世界课程副校长