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February 24, 2020


Dear Maple Leaf Students & Families:

Re:  Information on Semester 2 Resumption of Classes
This Spring Festival holiday has been a difficult and challenging time for China and for Maple Leaf schools.  As China confronts the COVID-19 virus, there has been no person or institution in China that has been unaffected by this world-shaking event.  We know that each of you and your families have experienced daily difficulties during this time. We extend our sincere thoughts and support to everyone who has been affected by the virus.
Many of our BC teachers went home, or to other locations around the world. It is uncertain at this time when they will be able to return to China, due to flight cancellations, the current 14-day quarantine, and personal health concerns.  This letter is to let you know how your studies will be continued in the new semester.
Maple Leaf schools are planning to start the new semester on March 2, 2020, using an online teaching platform called Canvas.  This is a world-class learning management system that is being used by the top universities and schools in the world to support student learning.  Maple Leaf teachers and administrators are receiving training in this excellent teaching and learning software now during the last two weeks of February. They will be able to upload lessons and provide learning activities and assignments through this web-based platform.
The first thing you will need in order to access this learning resource is your Maple Leaf Office 365 email address and password.  This will allow you to log onto the system, see courses, complete assignments and connect with your teachers.  If you are unsure whether your school has your Office 365 email address, or if you do not know your Office 365 email address, please contact our Registrar, Cristina Relkov  cristinarelkov@mapleleafedu.com.
You will soon receive an email from the Maple Leaf Canvas Implementation Team to give you clear instructions on how to access the Canvas courseware.
首先需要您的枫叶 Office 365电子邮件地址和密码访问此学习资源。此帐号将给您登录系统的权限,查看课程,完成作业,以及与您的老师保持联系。如果您不确定您的学校是否有您的Office 365电子邮件地址,或者您不知道您的Office 365电子邮件地址,请联系cristinarelkov@mapleleafedu.com (学校联系人)。您将很快收到一封来自枫叶教育集团Canvas执行团队的电子邮件,告诉你如何访问Canvas课件。
Here are some basis directions to get you started:

• To log on to your Office 365 email you need to log on with your username and password to www.office.com
• 登录365邮箱:点击网址 www.office.com ,输入用户名和密码。
• To log on to Canvas and see your courses, use the SAME Office 365 username and password here https://mapleleafschools.instructure.com/
• 登录Canvas查看课程:点击网址https://mapleleafschools.instructure.com/,输入同一个用户名和密码。
• To see your marks in PowerSchool log in here https://powerschool.mapleleaf.cn/
• 查看学籍系统成绩:点击网址https://powerschool.mapleleaf.cn/。
Teachers are hard at work on this system and will have initial assignments ready by the school opening date on March 2nd.  You will receive more instructions about how this works during the next two weeks, so please check your Office 365 email regularly.
老师们正在努力学习这一系统,并将在3月2日开学前准备好学期初的作业布置。在接下来的两周内,您将收到有关此操作方式的更多说明,因此请定期查看您的Office 365电子邮件。
There are meetings arranged during the week of February 24-28 with the senior leadership of Maple Leaf to determine when it is safe to resume classes on each school campus.  Maple Leaf will communicate this information to each of our schools to help you plan for your physical return to school.  For now, Maple Leaf is confident that the online classes will enable you to continue with your learning so that you can complete the year successfully.  We are very aware that this is important to all our students, especially the graduating classes in Grade 12.  Be assured that you will be able to complete the courses you require to graduate and will be able to apply to the post-secondary colleges and universities that you desire.
We hope that we will soon be able to resume regular classes in school.  Once we do, there will be a new calendar to make up the days missed. The new calendar is attached to this email.  Please note the extra Saturdays and changes to professional days, as well as school being extended until June 30th.
Please take care of yourselves and follow good hygiene and prevention methods to ensure your own personal health.  Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds is the most important activity to prevent the spread of the virus and any other harmful germs or bacteria.
We look forward to Semester 2, starting on March 2.   Good health to you all and thank you for your understanding during these difficult and stressful days.
Sincerely yours,


Dr Peter Froese

Superintendent of Schools: BC Program
Maple Leaf Educational Systems